The Most Common Types of Explainer Videos used for the IT Sector in 2018

If you have decided that you want an explainer video for your business, then that is great and the only thing that you have do to now is decide what type of explainer will be the right one for you. These videos tend to be pretty expensive and a big investment for any business owner, so making the right choice is crucial. Seeing as how a good explainer is something that you can use for a bunch of different purposes, you need to take a good look at your options and see which one will suit the product or service that you offering the best and in this article we are going to talk to you about a few of those options.

3D Animation

If you are a business that has a pretty small budget put aside for this project, then this is definitely not the style of explainer for you, but if you do have the money to afford it, then this is a great option for your business. This is a technique that will get your brand noticed immediately and is something that is usually used for commercial purposes because of its high quality. This process lasts a lot longer than the creation of other types of videos because it’s a little more complicated, so that is also something that you should keep in mind when thinking about 3D animation.

2D Character Animation

This is pretty much the most common type of explainer videos and it is mostly used by B2B and B2C companies. Unlike the 3D animation, every character and scene that is a part of a 2D character animation explainer will be drawn in a 2D space. This is a type of video that people can really relate to and, when done properly, these videos can really tug at people’s heartstrings and paly on their emotions. Using this type of video is also a great way for you to ensure that the audience and the customers will share it will friends and family, because it is a very shareable format.

Typography video

The idea of this video is to have a great font that will then be animated in order for you to be able to express your idea through it and get it across to your customers, or anyone that will see the video. This is a pretty simple type of video, but if the font is just right and you put a great voice over to accompany the font then you will surely be able to get a video that is unique, interesting and right to the point.

As we mentioned before, choosing the right style of explainer video is very important because it can really change the way that people perceive your business and the products and services you are offering. Make sure to go through your options and see which style will suit your business and budget the best, and then get to writing that script and creating your explainer videos.

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