Revealed: You Need Explainer Videos In The Following 4 Stages Of Your Sales Campaign

Revealed: You Need Explainer Videos In The Following 4 Stages Of Your Sales Campaign

The reason you start a business is to make sales and grow your revenue each day. Without sales, your business will collapse in a short duration. For a customer to make a purchase, they must have enough information about your products.

To inform them, you need to run a sales campaign. The overall goal of this campaign is to create awareness about your product and make sales. To increase your conversion rates, an explainer video is fundamental. However, not every aspect of your sales campaign needs explainer videos. Here are the stages you need them:

a) Awareness stage

Apparently, you buy from sellers or brands you have information on. The same case applies to any buyer out there. This stage involves informing the potential customers about your offers and what you stand for

Remember, it is the first time the customers are interacting with your product. They have little knowledge about them as probably they came into contact with them through a link on the Facebook or Twitter. So, at this point, you need to use an explainer video that create a lasting first impression and convince the customers you have the best offers on the market

b) Interest stage

At this stage, the prospective customers have some information about your explainer video company. Hence, your explainer videos should focus on giving information about your products to enhance their interests. Here, you can offer details about the product features, benefits, and testimonials. With this, you will be able to create an emotion in the target customer Importantly, product pages are the best place to upload explainer videos during the interest stage. Your aim is to send more light to the clients about your products and influence them in making a purchase decision.

c) Decision stage

In the decision stage, the overall goal is to make the viewer click the buy icon on your site. For this reason, your explainer videos should focus on narrating the benefits of your products. Also, you should lay out the main reasons why your audiences need your products.

Importantly, you should explain each feature with its benefits and also present a demonstration of the gains the customer will have by obtaining them. Here your aim should be to create an excitement in the audience about your product. This way, they will easily make a buying decision without further delay.

d) Action stage

Probably, there are those customers who are not easily convinced to make a purchase. However, if you continue persuading them, they will definitely subscribe to your wishes. In the action stage, an explainer video can fasten your sales objective. It helps to place your products in the prospects hands.

As such, you should concentrate on sharing information about the benefits and what the customers are losing without your products. Notably, when making this type of explainer videos, you need to utilize the use of visuals and graphics. As you know, visuals have a lasting effect on the viewer’s mind.

Through showing actions on your videos, you will convince the percentage of viewers who are not easy to get in your wagon.

Final thoughts

As you can see, explainer videos have a crucial role in your sales campaign. First, they help you in creating awareness and introducing your brands to new customers. Here, the videos enable you to create a lasting first impression on the clients.
Also, product explainers are essential in creating interest and decision making stages. They enable you to show the potential customers why your products are the best and a reason for having them. Lastly, explainer videos are a great way to convince the hesitant customers.

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